What is TeriGrowth?

TeriGrowth is a customer oriented Internet Company driven to provide as much value to our customers as possible. Website Setup and Website Management are the first services TeriGrowth is offering. ‘Teri’ means ‘Your’ in Punjabi. So the name TeriGrowth literally means ‘Your Growth’ and your growth is our focus.  

Let's Grow Together

More than Just Website Services.


Get Online

Set up a website and let people know about you and your business. Having a responsive website compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet will give you a competitive edge.

Share Your Message

Setting up a website is important to clearly share your unique message and ideas to potential clients.

Take Online Payments

After setting up your website, safely accept online payments to make transactions easier for you and potential clients.

Website Setup

Everyone needs a starting place. Our website setup service will give you a landing page to help people and potential clients find you. By creating a website you will be able to show people a landing page where they can learn more information about you.

Website Management

After setting up a website, it may need to be maintained. Maintaining a website yourself can prevent you from focusing on your business. We're here to make it easy to make changes to your website without taking energy away from your business.

What Sets TeriGrowth Apart?

Our Team Does

McKenzie Gary

McKenzie Gary

TeriGrowth’s co-founder McKenzie Gary is an aspiring serial entrepreneur that grew up in Maine with a passion for food. His passion for food lead him to earn a BS from Pennsylvania State University where he also took an interest in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program. From there his interests expanded encompassing the Food, Technology and Media industries and learning how the three industries can work together. TeriGrowth is the first company that Mckenzie has founded and is currently the Tech arm of his Food, Tech, Media mission.

Amol Singh

Meet Amol Singh our CTO! He is a young and avid IT professional in NYC. His passion for IT, hunger to learn, and spreading knowledge lead him to co-founding TeriGrowth. In his spare time he enjoys taking part in athletic activities, watching sports, listening to music, and learning as much as he can. He takes great pride in the company name as the word "teri" means "your" in Punjabi, his mother tongue. Currently he is responsible for all IT infrastructure setup and maintenance.

Stripe Payments Integration

We can help you bring payment processing onto your website to start selling your product(s) online.

Customer Service

We like to focus on customer experience and customer service. We look to help you along the way to get a square one website looking the way you’d like it to look.


If your product or service requires scheduling, we can help you integrate scheduling plugins.


You don’t have to worry about long wait times or speaking with bots that are unable to really answer your questions. If you have any questions, concerns, or see any problems don’t be afraid to reach out to us. 

Websites We Manage

Kentucky CJF

Kentucky Criminal Justice Forum

A Statewide grass roots initiative looking to collect data on Kentucky's Criminal Justice system.



A Speech Therapy Business located in Atlanta Georgia


CoolCars Engineering

A Lowrider autopart manufacturer located in Louisville Kentucky


Ready to Take the next step?


Website Setup

Flat Fee Per Website
Set up a website that will get you from Square Zero to Square One

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Website Management

Monthly Subscription
Have your website managed for you so you can focus on what you do best

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Website Management Special Pricing

Monthly Subscription for businesses with multiple websites.
Contact admin@terigrowth.co to determine Special Pricing for website bundles.


Any Questions?

We understand purchasing products and services online can be overwhelming. If you have any questions, comments or concerns we’d love to answer them to the best of our ability at admin@terigrowth.co . 

Call Us at (502) 536-7354​